April 24th, 2014

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Does “Talking About” Numbers Matter More Than Facebook Page Likes?

When it comes to Facebook Pages, the “Talking About” metric, I feel, is more valuable than the number of Page “Likes”. It’s one thing to “Like” the page, and it is another thing to interact with the Page.

As a Facebook Page owner, you should be trying to create as many interactions on the Page as possible. Whether it is comments, post likes or shares, they are all good to have happen on the page. Post shares are the best for creating greater visibility.

Talking About - Facebook InsightsNow you will not see any data from Facebook Insights till you hit the 30 “People Talking About This” level. Once you get there, you will see the stats from all the interactions. This is a good place to be. You will find  this information in the Insights section just above the cover photo of the Page.

Consider that many “Like” a Page and never return or interact with it. When you get interactions, that’s a good sign of a healthy Facebook Page. So focus on creating “Interactions”. When someone comments, comment back. When someone likes a post, thank them. When they share, like what they have shared. This will go well with you.

If you have any questions, please comment below. Have a great day.

4JeffBrown moderator

When you really think about things, you get better results :-)

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